Directions to Cabin

  Google Maps Link

   From Logan:

    -Follow Hwy 89 into Garden City until you intersect Bear Lake Blvd ("T" in the road)

    -Go South on Bear Lake Blvd (Hwy 30) for just over 1 mile. (950 S)

    -Look for Snow Meadows subdivision on your right


    -Follow map below once you are in the subdivision. The basic directions are as follows:

-Once in the subdivision you'll proceed to a "T" in the road. There is a green house on your right.  Turn right at this "T". You are on Snow Meadows drive.

-Take snow meadows drive North and follow it as it turns left "west".

-Take a left at the next road "Gammil Ln".  At this point you'll be headed South.

-When the pavement comes to an end, take a right and a long driveway will lead you to the cabin. The driveway goes right past another cabin that is rock on the bottom and yellow siding on the top.


  Cabin Address: 267 S Clellene Circle, Garden City, UT 84028